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Internet Banking Login Instructions For Current Users

New Internet Banking Website as of November 28, 2007

Congratulations! You are about to login to the improved Internet Banking system to access your accounts at the American Exchange Bank. Please read the following information before you enter your login information below. You may wish to print this page before you enter your login information.

Please login with your new Access ID and Passcode that was mailed to you after Thanksgiving in two separate letters. Your old Internet Banking login information (username and password) cannot be used to access Internet Banking on this new system.

Please follow the login steps listed in the letter you received. You will enter your UserId as listed in the first letter you received from the bank around November 22. You will enter the Passcode you received in the second letter around November 24.

For security reasons, you will be asked to enter a new Passcode. Please create a Passcode that has at least 7 characters, including one or more numbers. Please do not use your Social Security Number as your Passcode.

The Internet Banking system will also ask for your e-mail address and will have you select a security question. You will provide an answer to the security question. The security question enhances the protection level for your account information.

Government regulations also specify that disclosures are made as to the terms of service for Internet Banking. You will be asked to read and agree to the policies as you use the system.

If you have a question or problem please contact Karen, Tracy, or Rob at 994-4000 or send e-mail to Please do not put your User ID or Passcode in any e-mail you send to the bank.

If you bookmarked the Internet Banking login page for the previous Internet Banking system please delete that bookmark.

Thank you for your patience as we seek to improve your Internet Banking Experience.

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