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Some Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Internet Banking Account

Never send your username and password in an e-mail. The bank will never ask you to give us your user name and password in an e-mail. If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from the bank which asks for this information be suspicious. Please call the bank to let us know you received a suspicious e-mail.

Internet Banking for the American Exhange Bank is secure but you may be deceived by some clever web page tricks that are described below. In today's Internet environment it is best to be prepared and educated on how to safely use our Internet Banking service.

The bank received the following suggestions from the company that we have used for 10 years to host the bank web pages.

Researchers have discovered a sophisticated, new method of phishing that targets users while they are banking online -- sending phony popup messages pretending to be from their banks.
Here are some tips to help protect yourself from these attacks:

- Log out of banking and other sensitive online apps and accounts before going to other Websites
- Be suspicious of any popups during a Web session if you haven't clicked on a hyperlink.

This article ( contains more information.

Also we have seen similar browser popup messages claiming to be antivirus software asking you to download updates. If in doubt, you can right-click on the task bar item for your browser and "close" or "close all" which will end the browser session entirely.

In summary, you only enter your username and password using the boxes on the American Exchange Bank web site. Do not enter your username and password into another box that pops up on the screen after you have started your Internet Banking session. Also, you should not download any software while you are logged into your Internet Banking account. If you have questions about the above warning please contact the American Exchange Bank by telephone: 402-994-4000.